Mariel & Alexi Hunter

Glass artists Alexi Hunter and Mariel Waddell Hunter have been blowing glass at their Kingston Glass  Studio and Gallery since 2006. After meeting at Sheridan  College, where they were both studying the art of glass  blowing, they moved to Kingston to work and own their  own glass studio and gallery.  Alexi was raised on his  family’s farm just outside Kingston and much of his work  is inspired by childhood. He is very interested in the technical aspects of blowing large glass vessels and balancing these shapes by sculpting and creating various surface affects.  While Mariel’s works often reflects water movement and life found within the ocean.  She is influenced by Trinidad and the Caribbean Islands where she was raised. The natural beauty of those centers has been the main foundation for her artistic vision.

Their different backgrounds and passion to create gives them the foundations for a thriving business and love of glass. Both of their glass work can be found in private and public collections including the Musée Des Beaux – Arts de Montréal.  More information can be found about Mariel and Alexi on their individual artist's page under our feature "Meet the Artists".