Neutral Speckle Cups - Set of 8


Speckle Cups are perfect stemless wineglasses, juice glasses or water cups. Their unique shape makes it easy to handle with a splash of colour ideal for table settings. This set of 8 glasses comes with one of each of the following colours: Blue and Grey, Amber and Grey, Lagoon and Grey, Aubergine and Grey, Blue and Amber, Lagoon and Amber, Purple and Amber, Cranberry and Amber.

Measurements: Approximately 5" X 3.5"

As each of these items are individually handmade, slight variations in size and colour are possible.

Kingston Glass Studio

Alexi and Mariel Waddell Hunter have been operating Kingston Glass Studio since 2006. From vases to cups to hearts to paperweights, the designs are inspired by tropical islands where Mariel has lived and the rural farms where Alexi was raised. 

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