Snowman Ornament



Crafting these delightful snowmen starts with blowing white glass into the iconic snowman shape. For the scarf, we add vibrant coloured bits of hot glass, giving each snowman its own unique personality. We then use black and orange glass rods, carefully melted and shaped, to form expressive eyes and a charming nose. Finally, a stylish hat is added to the snowman's head, complete with a looped hook, making it perfect for hanging and spreading holiday cheer.

Snowman ornaments give a unique twist to traditional holiday decorations. Available in a variety of colours, these make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

Measurements: Approximately 3.5" X 2"

As each of these items are individually handmade, slight variations in size and colour are possible.

Kingston Glass Studio

Alexi and Mariel Waddell Hunter have been operating Kingston Glass Studio since 2006. From vases to bowls to hearts to paperweights, the designs are inspired by tropical islands where Mariel has lived and the rural farms where Alexi was raised.

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