Recycling glass is not new. In fact, you probably tossed a prune jar or Corona bottle in your blue box just last week.  Now, I don't claim to know the ins and outs of everyday glass recycling, when it comes to glass blowing however, the process and the outcome is not quite the same. 

Every time a handblown glass piece is made, there is always leftovers.  It may be glass left on the blow pipe from gathering the glass, glass left on the punty after a piece is broken off, and occasionally when a piece really doesn't work out. This is our recycled glass material we use. 

We add all the scrap pieces of glass into the furnace and melt it all together at 2100 degrees. Different minerals are added to the hot glass to make the vibrant colours such as cobalt or copper blue (our favourite!). We then use the molten recycled glass to create new and current designs. See our recycled glass collection here!

Calvin MacGregor